Kyra Fox

Communications and Outreach Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2017


Kyra Fox is a researcher and practitioner specializing in pluralism efforts and the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May of 2018 with a B.A. in International Studies and Psychology and a minor in African Studies. During her undergraduate, she conducted case study research in Gulu, Uganda on the complex victim/perpetrator status of former child soldiers in the Lord's Resistance Army. She expanded this research into a thesis on the drivers of youth participation in mass atrocities in Northern Uganda, Myanmar, and Sierra Leone. Kyra currently serves as the communications and outreach specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program, where she reimagines the program's communications strategy to reach an increasingly diverse audience of government partners, Mandela Washington Fellows, students, and community members. She served as a research intern at the Atlantic Council Africa Center and the director of diversity and inclusion at the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board. Kyra leads interfaith dialogue in the Madison area as an Interfaith Fellow with the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry. She has mobilized 130 local interfaith leaders into an online platform, directed interfaith leadership workshops, spoken on panels of religious studies professors, and successfully advocated against religiously discriminatory university policies.

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