Judith Goldstein

New York, NY


Dr. Judith S. Goldstein received a Bachelors degree from Cornell University in 1962 with a concentration on European and American history. As a Woodrow Wilson Scholar at Columbia University, she then studied for a Masters degree in European history and wrote her thesis on the “Mouvement Republicain Populaire and the Franco Vietnamese War, 1946 1954.” In 1972, she completed her doctoral studies at Columbia University after writing her dissertation on “The Politics of Ethnic Pressure: The American Jewish Committee Fight Against Immigration Restriction: 1906-1917.” This work was the beginning of a sustained concentration on immigration and diversity in American and Europe. She then continued to work at Columbia University over 10 years by focusing on an oral history project on Ethnic Groups and American Foreign Policy. In the late 1980s, she began to write a book on the integration of Jewish immigrants in Maine which William Morrow published in 1992. Subsequently, she worked as the Executive Director of Thanks To Scandinavia, started by the Danish pianist Victor Borge to acknowledge Scandinavians who resisted Nazism and protected Jews during the Second World War. In 1997, she founded Humanity in Action and began to serve as its Executive Director. Humanity in Action, with headquarters in New York City, develops and conducts annual programs in seven countries for American, Danish, Dutch, French, German and Polish college and university students concerned with the protection of minorities. Fellows now include students from Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and Bosnia. Programs include fellowships and internships in Europe and the United States, annual publications, photography exhibitions and conferences. Over 18 years, the organization has engaged over 1,500 university students in its programs and raised over $20,500,000. Humanity in Action has developed partnerships with organizations including The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. She has an abiding interest in conservation and landscape design and history, especially as it relates to Maine and Mt. Desert Island.

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