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Education - Networking - Responsibility

Humanity in Action promotes democracy and diversity by developing international education programs for dedicated young adults. Lifelong learning and collaborative projects are the basis of an active, international alumni network of students and young professionals who work effectively for promoting vibrant democracy and the safeguarding of human and minority rights.

Giving Inspiration - Promoting Potential – Triggering Changes

Humanity in Action offers the Humanity in Action Fellowship, seminars and study trips on issues of human and minority rights, immigration, social diversity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The programs focus on dialogue between experts, eyewitnesses, stakeholders, decision makers and the participants.

Senior Fellows of Humanity in Action can further their education through internships and professional fellowships.

Responsible decisions

Humanity in Action supports its network of Senior Fellows to develop projects of civic engagement and social responsibility. The international network itself is a critical resource for the implementation of projects.